Hunting the Aurora Borealis with Pauli Sorsakari

”Through a fair night, a lot of luminous phenomena appear, during the day, the sun obstructs them but at night  except the purple phenomenon, the rest are not characterised by uniformity” (Aristotle, Meteorologica)


As described by Aristotle, the Greek Philosopher and one of the first scientific observers of this phenomenon, the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is one of the most impressive sights in the World  and as its name suggests, it is the dawn of the Northern Winds (Aurora, from the Greek name for the Goddess, Dawn and Borealis from the Greek language meaning Northern Wind).

In many ancient Folklores we come across various  interesting translations .

In Scandinavian mythology, they believed they were ”Valkyrie”, angels who protected brave warriors, in Norway they believed they were virgins who waved their veils and in Lapland they used to believe they would hide their children from Demons.

As is well known, thousands of tourists visit Finland to enjoy  the Northern Lights every year, and each time it is a unique experience and so we would in our turn like to share with you our own personal experience of the Northern Lights.

“Wear warm Clothing and get ready ” was the command, once again Pauli Sorsakari  gave us the opportunity to follow him into a magical and once in a lifetime journey.


At the frozen lake, wrapped in darkness, the only light, was that from the stars, while watching the Cassiopeia constellations and the Big Dipper in the Finnish Sky, a thunderous sound from within the ice burst the performance into action. A white flash of light flooded the horizon and the cold became even more severe. Pauli was about to film the spectacle which was unfolding before us.

It was the  Heroine’s  moment of triumph, the Aurora Borealis on centre stage!

It was the moment when ”God’s Ballerinas” appeared in the sky to dance their unforgettable dance.

A Sky drowned in green and pink tones and white dancing lights, a sight where pictures and impressions are impossible to describe.

The Aurora Borealis exploding before us, reminded us how insignificant we are in Natures scheme of things.

If the feeling of Freedom could be interpreted in a moment it  would be translated as  THE NORTHERN LIGHTS,  THE AURORA BOREALIS!

This article was published by the Greek community in greek language. You can check it here!                                           

The photos above are captured by Pauli Sorsakari.

Also Pauli has included us in a video presenting the benefits of doing international youth work in Finland. You can check it here!


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